Sunday, August 16, 2009

It's True

Time does go by too quickly.
I constantly think of this, and fear that as I do, time moves faster because of it.

New things are in store for this one. An amazing magazine that my partner Alex and I are creating. Also, working on producing and hosting an online series about artists that are in the gay community.

By the end of the fall beginning of winter, these things will have gone into final details and will be available for everyone to see!

Work has been amazing lately. I have gotten the chance to do some great Covers, tears for the fall, and work with some amazing talents.

It's funny how at certain points in your life you think..or I think... "This is probably the highest point I will have for a long time, it can't get better." Then it does. I realize you have to make it can't depend on things to float along to you all the time..hard work is relevant and important.

Lets find inspiration from more than whats expected.
Lets question our worth in hopes to create one.
Lets be moved by things that have nothing to do with who you are.
Open your eyes and ears.