Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Time to start over

So another year has come and gone.

I am actually pretty pleased with this past year. It was the year of the rat, and some amazing things happened to me.

I have made some amazing new friends, some beautiful people have been brought in my life. I have also lost a friend or two. People who have surprised me with their decisions. Sad, but I guess that is what happens from time to time.

Work has been so amazing, many new doors have opened for me and I am excited to see where things go in 2009.

There are parts of who I am that I would like to work on for the new year, and I need to start motivating myself again with work and other things. I have high hopes for '09.
It's going to be a hard year I am sure, but it's a challenge that I am willing to take. Well I have no option really, so I am going to make the best of it.

I want to read more books this year. I only read about 5 books this entire year, and half were Anais Nin!

I have been doing more Yoga, and it has helped me with strength and clarity. I really want to work on my inner self. I feel that it's so important, it's the core of our happiness.

Happy New Year:)


Friday, December 19, 2008

I am the winner! Winning isn't always as good as it seems.

So there you have it! I won "Get Your Face On". The show was a fun experience most of the time. It was so nerve wracking having to have your working looked over all the time, being stuck in a room with no windows to wait until you have to go on set, and then having to watch friends leave. BUT it was so fun to be able to think outside the box, make some good friends, and have that whole experience of winning. When I started, I really didn't care about winning, I just wanted to get out there and show off my work. Close to the end, I wanted to win because I wanted to accomplish that goal.

I hope people got a chance to watch it. It had some really great moments in it, and some great makeup tips.

Here are some shots of the wrap party. I miss this great crew of people!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

"Impending Doom"

If you have been watching my tv show, you may think to yourself..."Woah, this Gloria chick is super pessimistic, dry, and skeptical, what a Bitch!"

Well, yes, yes, and yes, but I try to not be a bitch. I am a pretty blunt person. Considering the circumstances, I think I had to be all those things!

My view on marriage is always changing. It isn't that I don't think that people are always doomed when they marry, but from my experiences, it has been shown that way. I do have hope!
I must admit, when I said that comment, I hadn't been this in love before. So naturally, my thoughts on it have changed in a more optimistic direction!


Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The show finally aired, and I am a weirdo.

I have Officially joined the Reality TV Weirdo's

My makeup TV show aired yesterday on TLC ("Get Your Face On")!

I remember getting a call for the show to come interview..I was like.."eeeh..a reality tv show..not really for me, no thanks." The casting director told me to think about it and call her if I change my mind. One of my friends reminded me of the reasons why I came out to LA and told me that really there isn't much to lose by trying. No Hurt. So I did the interview with the thought in my head to just use the show for self promotion, as most people do. So that is what I did.

You can tell at the beginning it seems like I don't really care if I am there or not, but all I care about is just doing the best to my ability and show the world what I got.

It was such an interesting point in my life, I just started dating my girlfriend Sandy, and then all of a sudden I have cameras in my face 12 hours a day every day.

I would go to bed at night and think someone was still watching was so creepy

BUT I did it, and looking back, I am glad I did. I made some good friends, and have had some great things come along.

It's a strange thing to see yourself on TV...very. Looking back knowing what I know about certain people now, and how they act on TV cracks me up. People are so funny, our behavior, our thought process and actions..

If it wasn't for her, I would have gone even more insane than I already am!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Behind The Scenes

I was in palm springs a little while ago doing a photoshoot.
That was such an exhausting week, let me tell you! Not only did I do makeup for this shoot, but also two other campaigns, and worked with 10 different Beauty Editors from Australia about a new makeup line.
Through all of this madness, I got some amazing photos and I got to work with a great team: Celebrity Photographer Darren Tieste shot this, and I had an amazing assistant, Daniel Chinchilla.
She had such beautiful eyelashes, it was crazy!


Friday, December 5, 2008


I have been meaning to do this for some time now, and I am super excited to have finally gathered up enough ambition to do it!

So here it is, my blog. I have joined the masses in doing so, and am proud of it!

I plan on updating this often with videos of the TV reality show I am on called "Get your face on" on TLC,
As well as behind the scenes videos and photos, my take on beauty products, art, fashion, life in general, and other stories of nonsense.

I welcome comments, suggestions, or whatever you may have on your mind that you may want to let out.

Alright! Yeah! Let's get started!