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Gloria NotoMakeup Artist Gloria Noto was the winner of the Reality Show "Get Your Face On". She sat down with YBI to give us the scoop on her background and what she'll do next.

YBI: How long have you been a Makeup Artist?
GN: I have been a makeup artist for almost 6 years now. While I was in art college, I realized that I needed to be out there doing what I really love. I jumped right into it by setting up photo shoots with local photographers. I would not only create the makeup and hair looks, but I would find the model, style the shoot, and direct the shoot. It was a great way for me to learn and grow.

YBI: What made you want to try out for TLC's "Get Your Face On"? What were you hoping to get out of the experience?
GN: I actually didn't know much at all about Napoleon Perdis before the show. My friend somehow got in contact with the casting director and she asked me to come in for an interview and they wanted me for the show right on the spot. I thought it could be fun to show the world what I do and be a part of a something that no one really got a chance to see before, as there really was never a makeup reality TV show before. I figured, why not! I honestly just expected to do my thing, and to hope people liked what they saw. Winning was never something I thought of at the beginning, but as each test passed, I started to get a little more into the competition of things!

YBI: How has being on the show and winning changed your career?
GN: Being on the show and winning allowed me to go on to working for Napoleon Perdis. With that experience I got to do some amazing shoots. I did the makeup for Vogue Australia from one of the competitions on the show which was amazing. I also did all of Napoleon's makeup for his Target line called NP SET. I did the makeup for his TARGET TV Commercial for NP SET, as well as all of the ad's you see for it which were featured in Teen Vogue, American Vogue and many others. I have also done the makeup for the 60th Annual LA Emmy's, working with a huge number of celebrities and TV personalities. With my experiences that I have had with the show, as well as my own personal hard work that I have put into my career, I have been able to sign with the REX agency here in LA. Being able to freelance full time is what I have always wanted and is exactly what I am doing right now. I love it!

YBI: What's 1 thing you wish you knew about the industry when you began your career as a Makeup Artist?
GN: I wish I would have known how to properly pack and buy for my makeup kit. My back would be a lot better if I didn't think I needed every color of eyeshadow, lipstick, cream products, eye liner, lip liners, foundation etc. etc.! My kit now is 5 times lighter and 5 times more practical. I can mix just about anything in my kit to get whatever color or texture I need!

YBI: What's next for Gloria Noto?
GN: Right now I am freelancing full time doing Editorials for magazines, Music Videos, TV and Movies. I am doing exactly what I had always wanted to do! I am also working on pilots for tv shows in the coming months:)

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