Friday, December 19, 2008

I am the winner! Winning isn't always as good as it seems.

So there you have it! I won "Get Your Face On". The show was a fun experience most of the time. It was so nerve wracking having to have your working looked over all the time, being stuck in a room with no windows to wait until you have to go on set, and then having to watch friends leave. BUT it was so fun to be able to think outside the box, make some good friends, and have that whole experience of winning. When I started, I really didn't care about winning, I just wanted to get out there and show off my work. Close to the end, I wanted to win because I wanted to accomplish that goal.

I hope people got a chance to watch it. It had some really great moments in it, and some great makeup tips.

Here are some shots of the wrap party. I miss this great crew of people!


Renee said...

Arrrghhh...I have the last episode DVR'd and was going to watch it need to put spoiler warnings in your blog titles.

Congratulations though! I had a feeling this was going to work out for you.

Gloria Noto said...

Ha sorry about that! Since it already aired, that thought didn't cross my mind!!

Thank you!!!

Mischo Beauty said...

Congrats Gloria!!!!!! Best wishes. :)

Gloria Noto said...

Thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Your work is excellent!!

I watched (most of) the whole series (while leisurely putting my own face on in the morning) but with a different schedule on Friday, I remembered the final show ... after it was over.

Curious about who won, I seached for and found Napolean Perdis' site but nothing has been mentioned (so far), (which is surprising and not the greatest business move.)

All the best in 2009!


amyv said...

only saw the show a couple of times because it aired so flippin' early in the morning, but you were my favorite. congrats, you deserve it!!! and if you ever need an assistant or any help, please feel free to contact me :)

Gloria Noto said...

Thanks guys!:) Yeah it was on so early!! That sucked!

Tina said...

hey, i was watching the show and the whole time i was rooting for you. you're an amazing artist.

maybe one day we could work together=]


Gloria Noto said...

Thanks so much!