Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Time to start over

So another year has come and gone.

I am actually pretty pleased with this past year. It was the year of the rat, and some amazing things happened to me.

I have made some amazing new friends, some beautiful people have been brought in my life. I have also lost a friend or two. People who have surprised me with their decisions. Sad, but I guess that is what happens from time to time.

Work has been so amazing, many new doors have opened for me and I am excited to see where things go in 2009.

There are parts of who I am that I would like to work on for the new year, and I need to start motivating myself again with work and other things. I have high hopes for '09.
It's going to be a hard year I am sure, but it's a challenge that I am willing to take. Well I have no option really, so I am going to make the best of it.

I want to read more books this year. I only read about 5 books this entire year, and half were Anais Nin!

I have been doing more Yoga, and it has helped me with strength and clarity. I really want to work on my inner self. I feel that it's so important, it's the core of our happiness.

Happy New Year:)



what the pros do... said...

I hope those doors keep opening for you next year! All the best for 2009 :)

Gloria Noto said...

Thank you so much:) Likewise!

Mischo Beauty said...

I totally agree w/ you on strengthening your inner core- it'll prepare you to handle just about anything that comes your way!

Please keep us all updated on all your pursuits! All the best to you in 2009. :)